Lexus Lutherian

Smooth and at large

Climbed the white lines

Blueish timbre

Skies with white lies


I can’t hear over the sound

As a tendency it surrounds

Hologram? Wait and see

Hologram? We shall see

Forever fall forward infinity

Trapped in the moments vacancy

Trapped in the age of eternity

Trapped at the edge of eternity.


Tender matrix mesh nets

Ancient escape routes cross and track

Finding water is a definite sign

Sine wave logic sign language


Tomorrow exists tomorrow

Forever an infinite query

Enter in line inside

Ego subject to murder

Eccentricities bleed self

Emotionless sky dynamics rupture neutered mood swings

Hermetic balance swings the hammer first down on the reality time-line

Trapped in the age of eternity

Trapped at the edge of absurdity

Forever enveloped in hopeless hope

Heaping mass project

Protect the guild at mass production prices for the christ

Lexus Lutherian.

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