Gentle invocation like wind to sweep the rain

Palosantos dream realization surreal water color stain

Spirit waft temptation no more stars to prop a cane

Constant flow relation, no separation from said body and brain.

Always dance, moment keeps us above the drain, understand?

Forget it again when temptations are recognized, let it begin…


Surfless circles spiral center point season

Dark pointed arrows never misfire their reason

Only paint green lines on the canvass keys and swim laps

Of fantasy reads

Drop gold dust on a dime tip seed,

Miracle Billy is intoxicating the street dirt feed

While workers watch the world burn as dumpster smoking fiends.

Yellow lines to mark the rigid order, stiff causeways extract quarter mile highways

Relax shorter aisle grass blaze re-tap loiter style

They say

Any way


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