A special valentine

Visual overstimulation

HD temptation

Nano-Creme’ coffee clouds.

Everything moves slow in consumer land

Stricken with a slower/leaner/faker version of the hour.

Can’t get anything done, still moves it’s slugged pace.

Clawing at your mind’s tomb

Scratch marks fill in as a new dialect.

Pool-hustlin’ eyes push the agenda forward,

Like the world’s thinnest alligator suitcase sliding across Haji’s desk; a special valentine.

Sweet cavities rotting from the root forward, office chair and everything.

Hotel was booked six months in advance but what does that really mean?

It must mean we happen to live a lie,

And accepting truth calls for a reality makeover.

Live, absorb and reflect all as a shining light

Bleed the river cosmos as the note is dictated,

Red only reflects the mood, so let it turn BLUE>

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