Best footwork in town

Best footwork in town

Best footwork around

So let me get down


Sliding the streets where destinies meet

Cracks under feet, footwork of the beat

Tables will turn, journeys are earned

Travelin’ the javelin before we are heard

Arrive at the gate before we get served


Best footwork around

Best footwork in town

Shuffling and busking, so let me get down


Gliding with light, emanating at night

Bouncing all them energies and making it right

Effortless the flow it never put up a fight


Eyes land contact, flow brings them back, feelings they stack, we stay intact.


Best footwork in town

Best footwork around

Don’t you stop once we gettin’ down


Beat catches us all, we climb we fall

Flow makes it’s call, keep present y’all


Bouncing in the flow, bouncing indigo

All we have to realize is how to LET GO


Best footwork in town

Best footwork around

Trace the beat with your feet and spark up a sound


Open the wave, heart call it saves

Return to sender who renounce what SHE gave.


Throw it on the track

Eyes land contact

Flow brings it back



Best footwork no fear

Step to the unknown when near

Never listen back for the call

‘Cause we LIVIN the SOUND y’all

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