Corn God

Let’s make a sugar let’s make a fuel

Let’s take these mother’s back to school

Sittin’ in the sun drenched in Mountain Dew

Bass shakin’ loose a rusted screw


Wrap your head around the maize

Temptations detassled in the fade

Field gazing lazy days

Corn pressed fever haze


Printing george’s on the shuck

Quick buck, stalk to give a fuck

Stuck in a fractal parked truck

Tamed in the fray we bouncing our luck


Gm crop in my viens

Nano milk steering to take the reins

They got the corn, drag out the chains

Tassels on the ground: game changed


Maltodextrin dreams

Sucrose bursting seams

Cultured kernel fiend

Crop circle meme


Let’s make a sugar let’s make a fuel

Let the string off the mother fucking spool

Harvest time with frost on the pumpkin

Let the horror of monoculture sink in.

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