Design in resign

Write this down

Spin this tone

Reach unfound and

Malleable bone.

Hairs twisted in sweat

Frenzied in  lead


Death drips from and angry horse again Leroy Brown

Forlorn a while Stan wanders into town,

A master challenger in the game of here and now.


Angry at the soil creates death to eat

Design in resign cycles that retreat,

Cross-culture referenced penned as a hieroglyph

Scratched in the cellular wall.


All are blessed that feel that

All are blessed let us react.


History is a map drawn by grave diggers and treasure hunters.

Truth, light, connectedness forever blunted

Torn under the Sirius sky like a crystal blade counting

The stars swallowing jade, choking silhouette now peaking

Thoughts from where?? stop reaching???

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