Copulate the dream

Inner will supersedes

Copulate the dream

Overblow and bend the reed


Ready to cycle the hand played out, clearing of the doubt, Wilhelm clear the clouds, look to what was already found out. Answers float past in the ether, moment dying and born then neither, alleviate symptoms just like a believer, mother chaos blooms as we feed her, seed it.

Inner will supersedes

Copulate the dream

Overblow and bend the reeds

Smoke through the seeds


Plant it, ghost in the machine

Rant it, words born unclean

Take the filter off, kilter off, kilter off the dream, obscene images draw comparison visions division of the crowned king.

Smoke through the leaves


Write it, hands down at the sides

Fly it, flag floats moon soaked tides

Ink stains parchment, rough filler rough filler fiery arches, march to the beat provided yet subdivided, stiff in the starches.


Ouroboros trap layer out for the gangsters, thanks sir your advice had changed her, responding more fluidly than the banksters, least resistance flow mow over dank words, I concur, under equal light points ocular jockey, how quick of a shift will this world see?

Inner will supersedes

lick that

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