HAUSHOLD is a project dreamt up by Brian Danielson and myself. Over a year ago I brought my recording equipment over to Brian’s haus and recorded sounds all around his kitchen, back patio, and basement. Samples include washing machine, steel brushes on pipes, tennis ball bouncing on floorboards, and stomping to name a few. I editing these recordings to yield percussive samples to load into my sampler. I recorded tracks made up of these samples in 2 sessions with help from Mary Weisenburger straight to cassette tape. This Musique concrète ranges from house dance music, drone, to hip hop beats.
released August 8, 2017

Anxious Annie

David Owen Tevlin- tracks 1, 3-6. Engineering, production and mastering
Mary Weisenburger- track 2. Cover painting
Brian Danielson- Engineering

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