Cosmic Data Stream

We find ourselves connected by a dense network of ever changing data. This uninterrupted stream of information, we call the Cosmic Data Stream. Within the field of the Cosmic Data Stream, there is no such thing as the performer or audience, rather a continuous stream of creativity, love, and flowering interconnectedness in real time. As the designated “performers” TEVLIN demonstrates here, the information that we call sound or musick, is flowing through its mind and taking over its body. TEVLIN is in direct connection with the Cosmic Data Stream, and acting as a conduit receivers. Most of the sounds you are hearing are an amalgamation of everyones input. That is, the Cosmic Data Stream is a quantum happening. The sum of it’s parts, the parts are all of you, the conduit is the observed performers TEVLIN. Improvisation  is the most important skill we humans have, the Cosmic Data Stream is our creative reality. Without improvisation, we have no method to traverse our creative reality. We must trust and accept this sacred path, and not dilute it with human concepts such as dogmatic belief structures, languages, maps, and of course the most destructive of all: culture. The Cosmic Data Stream is infinite and ever changing, so to become a conduit we need faith, TRUST. Even though trust means death, death is the law that binds life, and has existed before  language, a phenomena not unlike the Cosmic Data Stream. Trust that we, as the conduit improvisers must always change with the signal, the signal the data stream. No matter how much our culture, languages, dogmatic belief structures and maps try to tell us to hold onto things. No thing exists outside of the moment it exists. Death being the law, all things die after the moment becomes born again. So it is the Cosmic Data Stream, the ebb of the ether tying all moments and minds together.

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